Content Marketing

I don’t get paid until you get coverage. I’m confident enough in what I do to offer that to all clients.

The process is rather simple; it starts with a no fee, no obligation phone call. You tell me about your business, and we look at any recent coverage you may have gotten in the past, and what your goals are (traffic, brand recognition, SEO, PR, etc.)

I’ll send you the list of sites I have connections with that will write a feature story about you, or include a quote from you in their story.

We’ll then determine the top target publications, look at their traffic stats, and potential for new business for you, and I’ll start crafting the content.


LinkedIn Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead, and it can actually help drive social shares, and links and brand recognition all in one. The first step is building your list. The second step is communicating to your list on a regular basis about things they care about. That’s hard to do on a consistent basis. That’s why you can hire me to help you build your list, generate leads from that list, and keep sending relevant content to them. Packages start at $400 a month. I can help you build any type of niche list you want. Learn more here

Viral Marketing/Audience Building

No one really has a clear definition of what viral marketing is, but here’s what it means to my clients; more relevant eyeballs seeing their content and sharing it amongst their networks. Getting a story on (which is part of my services) gets posted about 80+ times on other news sites, just by default. It’s also usually shared about 350 times across 5 different social networks, on average. I help those number increase because of where the content was originally posted, or because of how awesome the content is, usually both.

I help your audience grow significantly in social networks, and by the very fact that you now look much  bigger (socially) than before adds credence to your product, whatever it is. You can now say on your site “As enjoyed by over 100k Facebook fans”.

Why do you need to be able to say something like that? It’s called the bandwagon effect. If you go around googling car insurance, or real estate, or any other really competitive market, you’ll see many of these sites claim ‘trusted by over x number of people’. The psychology of seeing that 1,000’s or 100’s of thousands of a consumer’s peers have liked or used your product makes it easier for the next consumer who visits your site to buy from you.

Online PR

Like I mentioned above, I have gotten my clients press in the likes of Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, BusinessInsider, HuffingtonPost, CNN and many others. All of these stories help brand recognition, drive traffic, increase SEO, and drive social awareness for my clients. PR is the new SEO, and will eventually be the same thing. I don’t focus on print media however, so that is something you’ll have to look elsewhere for.

Broadcast Media Training

As a long time PR person, I can offer clients broadcast opportunities on USA Today, CNN, Bloomberg, Fox News, CNBC, and others. Unlike other trainers, we don’t bore executives with jargon-ridden lectures or condescending slide shows. Instead, we put them in hyper-realistic scenarios to develop critical messaging skills, and record these drills for real-time feedback and critique. And when you’ve completed our 3 day course, we’ll have enough footage to create featured TV segments on USA Today and CNN, and a few soundbites for a Forbes article. Guaranteed or there’s no charge.



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