I live in American Fork, Utah with my wife and 2 children.  I grew up in North Dakota among farmers, cows, endless fields, and oil derricks. By the time I was 21, my family had moved at least 20+ times. My dad was a circus clown.

I served an LDS/Mormon mission in Sacramento, CA for a little over 2 years. I learned things about myself out there that I never would have known any other way in so short a time. I learned how to plan, strategize, and execute a plan that ended up helping 100’s of people all over the state. I led a team of 15 young men all over the place talking to strangers, knocking on doors, and generally being a nuisance.

After that experience, I went to UVU, where I was featured in the campus magazine because of my work in online communications (that’s where the photo to the right comes from), and worked at the campus newspaper as the webmaster during most of my 3 years there. I did get a Bachelor’s degree, never fear. I just completed it in less time than most people would.

Today, you can find me doing a number of different things. I’ve presented at numerous conferences and events speaking about domaining, PR, SEO, communications, and internet marketing.

I also work with journalists at every single major (and minor) magazine with either print or web editions. I’ve gotten clients placed in the WSJ, Huffington Post, Forbes, Deseret News, NYT, and 100s of other publications.

I also build websites on the side; generally just to keep my coding and design skills sharp. If you need a site built in wordpress, I do that as well.

My passions:

My wife and 2 kids
Personal improvement (mind, body, spirit)
Reading fiction
Crazy healthy food
Teaching small businesses to be successful online
Enough about me. Want to see some results? Get in touch: 801-602-9873

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