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My name is Adam Torkildson. I live in American Fork Utah, and I provide content creation, viral marketing, email marketing, and Pay for Performance PR-Driven SEO. I love Utah, and my wife (paranormal romance author) and family.  My experience with Design, SEO, Book Marketing, and content creation goes back to childhood. My father is a published author in Thailand (his work is mostly limericks and short stories)

Why Content Creation is Important:

Most people spend their online time reading stories, news, blog posts, or watching videos. All of this content comes from somewhere, and it first has to be created, and then promoted so people/consumers can find it. You want your target customers to buy your products, but they first have to do some research, maybe hear about it on the news, and then search for it. The content you create needs to appeal to your audience at each of those search stages. You need to have good enough content that it’s shareable in social networks, is also useful to your intended customers, and has lasting appeal. People buy on impulse/emotion; they always have, they always will. So your content has to be emotionally engaging as well.

My services include:

1. Building, maintaining, and promoting your website and social network.

2. Training you how to do some simple and easy writing to promote your site so your products will sell.

3. Writing professional content for your site, blog, or PR strategy multiple times every single month.

4. Lead Generation and Pay for Performance PR for travel, education, legal, financial, and also local companies.

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